Digital X-Ray sensor sheaths

Also known as covers, barriers, sleeves, and infection control sheaths.

4 Sizes - #0 - #1 -  #1 and 2 - #2

How to determine the correct size

  • Measure the width of your sensor and add 1/4"

Easy Sensor Entry Lip

The lip is at the opening of the sheath to provide easy placement of the sensor into the sheath.

No overlapping seams or seal mending tails/flaps that cause patient discomfort and gag reflex.

The sheaths have a thickness of 2ml.  This allows for greater durability when using sensor placement devices, thus, the sheath is unlikely to puncture or be torn.

NEW Pop-Top Box Design:

  • Available with 500 quantity only
  • Allows for easy sheath access
  • Provides a professional look in the operatories
  • Fits in drawers and cabinets